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Research and Cane Development activities adopted in Punjab and Sindh.

Sugar is produced in the Cane Field and not in the Sugar Factory. Sugar cane constitutes 90% of the manufacturing cost of sugar and the viability of sugar factory solely depends on the availability of sugarcane from cane growing areas for crushing in the factory.

After the innumerable factories that have come up, the area under sugarcane in Jhang as well as nearby districts had already been reorganized and accordingly our command area has been reduced by around 35% as compared to earlier years. It is a well known fact that our area under cultivation has reached saturation, therefore there is no scope of increasing that area any further. Therefore, for strategic reasons we continuously educate the farmers to adopt the best agriculture practices systematically so that per acre yield of cane is increased.

Additionally, the number of seminars in close co-ordination with Sugarcane Research team were organized. In all the seminars not only the Scientists but also the officers of the Cane Dept. of the factory emphasized the need to adopt various improved agricultural practices for increasing the yield of the sugarcane field. For convincing the farmers they had been shown the documentary films and fields in which practices have been adopted.

Though the farmers know very well that by increasing the yield of cane in their fields, they will get better return on their investments.

It is not easy to influence the farmers within a span of two years. Therefore, the Company has been continuously organizing such seminars.

For increasing the per acre yield of cane as well as quality of sugarcane, we have been carrying out the Research and Development work in the following specific areas:

Introduction of efficient harvesting and transport systems so that supply of clean and fresh cane is ensured to our factory, which in turn has drastically reduced the time gap between harvesting and crushing.