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Haq Bahu Sugar Mills (Pvt) Ltd

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Haq Bahu Sugar Mills (HBSM) was incorporated on 19th September 2006 as a Private Limited Company. The main product line of the company is manufacturing of White Refined Sugar.

The unit is fully equipped with the most modern machinery and shall be based on DRP process.

The viability of a sugar mill depends upon sufficient availability of good quality sugar cane to ensure running of factory at its full capacity with higher sugar recovery. Thus the location of a sugar mill has to be at such a place where not only there is sufficient good quality of sugar cane, but also has future potential to increase the acreage as well as the yield of the sugar cane so that the required supply of the raw material is available within a minimum radius of the mill to avoid to after harvest/transit losses and cane haulage costs.


The site for the project is 55 Acres of land and is located at Ahtara Hazari Layyah Road Distt Jhang.

The location is considered suitable and selected from the following point of views:

  1. Main raw material sugarcane is easily available as compared to other areas; the recovery percentage of sugar cane in the area is higher. The quantity available is substantial.
  2. The land has the load bearing capacity required for heavy vibration and load.
  3. Water is available at a depth of 40 ft. from the surface of the earth and it is quite suitable for working purposes and for industrial use.
  4. Infrastructure facilities such as power, roads and drains for disposal of water are available.

6.    Availability of labor is quite certain.